Saturday, August 18, 2007


Now here is a product I just had to tell you about. It's called the Watercone. This is a revolutionary device was designed for countries without clean water. It's made from a new material called Makrolon by Bayer Labs. Now, what it does. Watercone uses a reinvented method of distillation. Salty, polluted water is put in a pan and placed over the pan or the Watercone is placed in a wet environment. As the water evaporates, it condensates on the side of the cone and runs down and into the circular trough. once all evaporation is done, you just flip it upside down and unscrew the cap and drain the water into a bucket. It's a very unique device and could do some good for thirs world countries.
- ThomasC

De Ja Vous: Columbia meet Endeavour

OK. This is one of the hottest topics in the media right now: Endeavour's damaged heat shield. For those of you that don't know, on August 8, space shuttle Endeavour was launched. Everything turned out fine, but then a piece of foam insulation flew off and struck a hole the size of three grapefruits in the shuttle's heat shield. NASA has supposedly checked all of the physics involved, and since everything has checked out OK, the have decided to land the shuttle and not repair it. Now. This is what gets me. This has happened once a few years back with disastrous consequences. All I can say is I hope NASA is right on this one.
- ThomasC


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